• Curriculum for Language Literacy (O2)
  • Curriculum for Maths Literacy (O3)
  • Didactic Materials for Language Literacy (O4)
  • Didactic Materials for Maths Literacy (O5)
  • E-learning Platform and Materials’ Repository (O6) (Go to the Platform)
  • Guidelines for Language Literacy (O7)
  • Guidelines for Maths Literacy (O8)

The intent was to fine-tune Methodological Guidelines for each of the two sub-topics (Language and Mathematics), based on training frameworks that were functional (the Curricula) and supported by related Didactic Materials which, being connected to workshop activities based on the use of the body, were essentially conceived as play sheets and exercises based on theatre tools and techniques.

To complement this, a multilingual E-Learning Platform was created to function both as a tool to permit interaction between those participating in the training activities, as well as a repository for didactic materials (text files, videos, manuals, images, articles, etc.).


These products were structured with the usual aim of providing information, communication, dissemination and promotion inherent to Erasmus+ projects.

The O9 element also represents an aspect of support for the methodology in that it illustrates the exercises done during the workshops and courses through its narrative process, which can facilitate adopting the educational path proposed.